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Starting autumn 2010, BIOMATCELL together with BIOSUM invite to a seminar series on Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine.

These more local seminars will take place during lunch time (12.00-13.00) and will be a an oral presentation of ca. 20 minutes followed by discussion. The audience will be a mix of students, postdocs and senior researchers with multidisciplinary background favoring scientific discussions.

Below is a list of previously organized seminars and a registration form for upcoming seminars.

Lunch will be served at these local seminars, why we kindly ask for registration below. For registration to more than 1 seminar, please repeat the steps.


Register for lunch seminars

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Previous seminars

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Prof. Thomas J. Webster: "Nanomedicine: From Increasing Tissue Growth to Toxicity Concerns"

26th of October, 2012, 10.00-11.00

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